PodCura Foot Health Clinic – West Bridgford

About Us

West Bridgford Foot Clinic
Kelly Ashforth - Foot Health Practitioner (DIP FH, MCFHP, MAFHP)
Ella Beeby - Podiatrist (BSc (Hons) Podiatry)
Jackie Palmer - Foot Health Practitioner

About us

PodCura Foot Health is owned and managed by Kelly Ashforth (Dip FH, MCFHP, MAFHP), a professionally qualified Foot Health Practitioner (FHP) and member of the British Association of Foot Health Professionals. Kelly undertook her FHP training with the SMAE Institute. Kelly is also a podiatry student, undertaking a degree in Podiatry, which will be her third degree, as she already has both a degree and a Masters in Biology. Kelly lives in West Bridgford with her husband and two children.

Ella Beeby is a HCPC registered podiatrist, who graduated from The University of Northampton with a BSc (Hons) Degree in Podiatry in 2018. Ella has always had an interest in Podiatry from a young age, when she used to attend podiatry appointments with her mother. Ella undertook work experience in a podiatry clinic from the age of 14yrs old, which gave her further insight into the world of feet! Ella thoroughly enjoys her job as a Podiatrist and loves helping people go home with their feet feeling healthier and more comfortable. In Ella’s spare time she enjoys cooking new dishes and attempting to make cakes (Ella’s description!). Ella also has a little boy who literally keeps her on her toes!

Jackie Palmer is a foot health practitioner who loves to help people get their feet feeling more comfortable and healthy. Outside of work, Jackie loves to take minibreaks in her camper van. 

What does PodCura mean?

The word PodCura is made up of two words, pod and cura. Pod is the ancient Greek word for foot and the word cura means to care in Latin.

What is the SMAE Institute?

Founded in 1919, the SMAE Institute is the longest running independent provider of training in Foot Health in the UK, with a reputation for excellence in standard of training and qualification. SMAE is the only institute in the UK to offer an FHP Diploma that is University Credit Rated.

What is a Foot Health Practitioner?

A foot health practitioner is professionally trained to recognise and treat all common conditions that affect the foot and deliver routine foot care, working to ensure feet stay in a healthy condition as well as providing general advice and guidance on day to day foot care, making any referrals where necessary.

Who at the clinic is a podiatrist?

Ella is a HCPC registered podiatrist.

Kelly is currently undertaking her podiatry degree to become a podiatrist. 

What treatments can a Foot Health Practitioner offer?

The treatments that a foot health practitioner can offer include routine nail trimming, corn removal, callus/hard skin reduction, thick nail reduction, fungal skin, and nail infection advice, and conservative management of ingrown toenails (without invasive surgery). They also offer individuals guidance on foot care to ensure their health and comfort and prevent future problems.

Where is the PodCura Foot Health Clinic?

Our clinic is situated in Central West Bridgford, on Gordon Rd, and has parking at the rear for patients.

How can I book an appointment for treatment at the Podcura Foot Health clinic?

Appointments can be booked online or over the phone by calling 0115 6484528.

What should I expect from my first appointment?

During your first visit, we will carry out a new patient consultation, which will involve us obtaining a thorough medical history to help identify possible areas of concern that may lead to or worsen foot and leg problems.
Please come prepared with any important medical records or information such as current medical problems, medications, and allergies.

This will be followed by an expert examination of the foot, during which we will examine your foot and lower leg, checking blood flow, feeling, and sensation. This examination will help identify any area of concern.

Based on the thorough history and examination, we will be able to make specific recommendations.
All treatment plans will be explained to you ahead of any treatment.

Does the clinic sell any products?

Yes, for our patients, we stock specialist high quality foot and ankle care products, creams, insoles, compression wear, socks, etc.

Do you offer home visits?

Sorry, but we do not currently offer home visits as all our equipment is clinic based.