PodCura Foot Health Clinic – West Bridgford

Our feet tend to be ignored until pain or injury force us to notice. Your feet are your foundation, their health can affect the rest of your body and your ability to move without pain or discomfort. Often, improving your foot health can be the key to helping overcome injuries elsewhere.

Regularly attending to your feet when they are healthy, just as we do with our teeth and eyes is the key to preventing future problems. Conditions like diabetes or circulatory problems can be picked up by looking at the feet, and common problems like corns, cracked skin and ingrown toenails can be successfully treated. The longer you leave issues like fungal infections the more stubborn they are to treat.

If you experience any foot care issues that do not resolve themselves naturally or through routine foot care within three weeks, it is recommended to seek the help of a healthcare professional.

For home visits (subject to availability and location)
Please call the clinic on 0115 6484528 to arrange